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Xamen Technologies focuses its solutions towards :

- Risk prevention

Risk prevention and monitoring of natural disasters is a priority for the state, regional and municipal administrations and all private companies. This prevention and monitoring are now possible. The resources used by Xamen Technologies allow you to get an accurate and global view of the situation. In crisis management, our aerial or underwater drones accompany you to complete, arrange and plan interventions on site. Valuable decision-support tools.

* Emergency Operation

* Mini-drone is ready for emergency solutions, detecting the origin of the fire, removing any concern concerns of doubt of industrial disaster, human threat, extreme weather conditions, cargo inspection after storm, monitoring of industrial accidents .... .

(With camera and glasses, with speed capabilities, handling, wind and rain resistance of a racing drone)

*       Industry

* Thermography (building and industry-related professions.): thermal diagnosis.

Equipped with an infrared camera, our drones help you make thermal diagnostic missions. This device helps us gain control and fight against energy losses, brings flexibility and an immediate response to the building and industry-related professions.

* Topography

When you want to arrange terrain surveys in difficult access locations and control your time, our solutions deliver flexibility and reactivity. This is a breakthrough in collection of accurate and geo-referenced information.

* Inspection

* Visual inspection

* Methane terminal

* Tanks and tankers

* Gas Flares

* Lightning

* Video surveillance

* Port infrastructure: detection of environmental violations, water and air quality

* Research of unforeseen obstacles which is a risk to waterways

* Urban development

Our drones can perform inspection missions:

• building materials (bridges, viaducts, dams). You will be able to monitor and accurately diagnose their usage, deterioration and obsolescence.

• windmills, railways monitoring of high-voltage lines or antenna-relays.

• Damage assessment

• Ex: Roofing

* Damage inspection due to natural disasters (wind, hail, storm) or fire for precise determination of insurance compensation

* Building insulation studies

* Identification of heat loss in order to anticipate renovation or to control the work after execution

* Pollution and waste management

We offer you experienced remote pilots and certified drones, drones that can also be used in explosive atmosphere according to Directive 94/9 / EC (presence of gas and / or vapor) to avoid one spark trigger conflagration of these substances. Example: oil and gas surroundings, chemical sector.

Sale, training and maintenance can be a solution if you regularly use this technology and want to be independent from a subcontractor.

Industrial inspection drone

Inspection works and sensitive zones

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