The objective is to learn how to work in pairs with a remote pilot to make synchronized video plans and know the responsibility of the pilot and the drone in order to assist him in his mission. 

Step 1 

Know the regulations and administrative procedures 

Study specific methods for site monitoring 

Mastering emergency situations 

Step 2 

Air surveillance with a drone: 

- Prepare your mission with a drone 

- Search of the damage 

- Lifting of doubts by photography and aerial video 

- Carry out a practical case of surveillance with a drone on site 

- Carry out predefined monitoring circuits 

Step 3 

Post-Production / Editing 

Analysis and montage from images or examples 

Step 4 

Analyze and edit a demo movie 

- Set up an Adobe Premiere Pro project and choose a pre-setup 

- Customize the user interface and define user preferences 

- Import and remove images 

- Notions of video acquisition and import of sources 

- Assembly techniques and tools 

- Rush fittings and cut-outs 

- Correct any defects 

Handling the tool palette: 

- Color Correction 

- Calibration and color correction 

- Audio and video transition applications 

- Effect Options Window 

- Transitions and default duration 

Export your video: 

- Various export and distribution formats 

- Encoding and optimization settings for different media